The Pandemic Kitchen

Everyone has their favorite pots, pans and utensils. Mine are all packed away. This kitchen has some real winners!

A super tall stock pot. I have nothing that comes close to this for making chicken soup!

The Dough Hooks get no rest in this house.

That’s an “Instapot” in the corner.

This incredibly well seasoned pan is a joy. Just a joy!

Ray picked up this Gorgeous Art Deco Roasting pan at a garage sale for 2 dollars. it’s precise, highest quality and GORGEOUS!

The Drivers Seat!

1.5 gallons of roasted tomato sauce with sausages

Kielbasa soup in the Instapot.

My mom and my nanny taught me how to cook at a very young age. This ladle had left my memory ages ago. This is one of the ‘artifacts’ that makes this feel like Home. This is a ladle I grew up with and used from my earliest days. When I found it in the drawer, I recognized it immediately. I used it for soup as a child. I used it for soup yesterday. My sister pointed out that she thought it wasn’t a soup ladle but a ladle for a gravy boat – long gone.

To me this artifact carries the weight of countless memories as I use it. It is beautiful. It is sacred. It is a sacred artifact, as the other artifacts will be sacred artifacts to my nieces in the distant future.

4 thoughts on “Artifacts

  1. You have no idea how fortunate you are. My sisters and I together couldn’t come up with any kitchen memories. We ate what was left over from school that day. We have no resentments and my family of choice is giving enough to share this enjoyment with me.


  2. Not totally sure, but I think the thing you call an “Gorgeous Art Deco Roasting pan” is properly called a Dutch Oven.
    I have one that looks just like Ray’s. It’s one of the kitchen things I inherited from my Mom. I don’t use it much, but no way would I part with it!
    Thinking of favorite pots & pans, I have several pieces of cast iron. Some were inherited from my Mom, more were my own purchases over the years. If I had to pick a favorite pot or pan? It would probably be one of them.
    A nephew by marriage is a dentist by trade, but a gourmet cook for fun. Going back to 2001, after my Mom passed, he asked if I was going to keep my Mom’s cast iron. I laughed and said “Mom’s cast iron? I bought most of those!”


    1. yes it’s a dutch oven. thought usually dutch ovens are round, but that’s it’s function.


  3. Amazing food, wonderful memories! Hopefully in the near future these trying times will be over and we’ll all appreciate the time we got to spend with our families!

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