South Bay Racing School

Competition Foiling is our Focus!

Learn to race the most modern, fastest and fun foiling boats.

Sail where the wind is!

RS-Neo, Wasps and Nacra 5.2FCS for ages 7-77

SBRS offers an extended summer session, daily practice races and Saturday points race series


SBRS offers spring and fall sessions and a Saturday point race series.

We Are Hiring US Sailing Certified Instructors!

Please send your CV or Resume to

Why Focus on Foiling?

Foiling is not the future of sailing, it’s where sailing is right now. As the newest path in the sport foiling has now become the standard. We want our children on the front end of this growth and not in a position of having to catch up as older teens and young adults. The world class competition, right now, is on foiling monohulls (did you see the current America’s Cup Boats?) and on foiling Olympic class catamarans. The younger we can expose children to the skills needed for foiling the easier it will be for them to learn immersively, take leadership and develop the sport. Anything less puts us and our kids in the position of of ” catch up”. When kids miss the opportunity to learn these skills, “catching up” later is virtually impossible. Why should Long Island, or the United States cede these skills on the world stage?

bring your own boat or rent one of ours! Dry storage space available.

  • Bring your own class legal foiling wasp or Nacra 15FCS or rent one of ours.
  • Practice races daily during the summer
  • Point race series on Saturdays at noon.
  • Learn to race and have fun.
  • Try a foiling boat
  • US Sailing Certified Instructors available to teach you to race, take you racing or
  • Go for a day sail and try out a foiling boat for fun.
  • Private per session instruction available


While many of the area programs are “tried and true”, over time they have also become sedentary in their ways, sail obsolete boats that have lost relevancy and offer severely limited short seasons. Time on water is key… When you have children that are passionate about sailing, not only for the sport but for the pure joy of it, you’re left searching and traveling for filler programs in order to round out their  instruction. This is crazy! The Great South Bay has always produced great sailors. We have great wind, water and challenging conditions. The only thing missing is a relevant, solid program. Until now.

We provide an intensive program for those that want more out of sailing than your usual 7 week summer camp program provides.

Spring, Summer and Fall Sessions

  • 3 hour daily beginner session on RS-Neo’s (faster and far more fun than Opti’s).
  • 4 hour daily Intermediate and advanced sessions on Wasps and Nacra 15FCS (Olympic Pathway).
  • Regular mentorship opportunities for beginners and intermediates to crew for advanced sailors on the bigger boats.
  • Daily Practice Races.
  • OPEN Weekly Points Racing on Saturdays, Bring your own class legal boat and race with our fleet! – we will give a separate start and score to GSBYRA member club 420’s or any 3 or more class boats in attendance.
  • A Retrospective after every class and race series to foster continuous improvement.
  • Scheduled “navigation” sails to Fire Island (and back).
  • Opportunities for advancement to Certified US Sailing Instructor Status.

Why Great South Bay?

Great south bay has produced more than its fair share of champion sailors. Why? the #1 reason is because this is where the wind is. #2 reason is the shallow water, sandy bottom and the almost daily 180 degree wind shifts make for more types of challenging conditions in the short chop than other bodies of water. We have wonderful thermals here, during ‘lock-in’ periods you can almost set your watch by them. The prevailing winds generally go northerly in the middle of the night as everything equalizes in temperature. As the sun rises and the day heats up a temperature differential is created between the cold waters of the Atlantic and the white sand beaches of Fire Island, The shallow dark bottom of Great South Bay and the mainland of Long Island.

Simply, Look at the barrier beach to the south of Great South Bay. It’s a jib. Long Island is the Mainsail, Great South Bay is the slot between the jib and the mainsail. During “locked-in” weather in the summer we get a wind shift in the late morning from north to south, and the thermal usually kicks in around 11:15am and howls until the sun starts to go down. The same southerly often doesn’t make it to the North Shore at all, of if it does it takes until late afternoon and it’s often pretty weak.


Boats are available for rent WITH an instructor by the day for racing or day sailing when available. Inquire Within.

Boat + Instruction half day session $55.

  • Boat + Instruction Half Day Session $55.
  • Bring your own foiling boat half day instruction $35.
  • Buy 5 days and gain free entry to Saturday’s race.
  • Buy 7 weeks and get the 8th week free PLUS free entry into Saturday races.


A limited number of memberships are available which give priority access to the best boats plus other ‘features’

  1. 4 3 Founding Member, 25k, slot on a Nacra 15 FCS guaranteed for all sessions and races PLUS off-school access and discounts – 5 Years.
  2. 8 6 Sustaining Member, 10k Guaranteed slot on a foiling boat for all sessions and races PLUS off-school access and discounts – 2 years.
  3. 12 6 Seasonal Member, 5k, guarantees spot on wasp and RS/Terra PLUS off-school access.

This is a small intensive school with an immersive program.

  • Total Student Load 16-24
  • 4 Certified Instructors
  • 3 oversight team

Mentorship is our mission.

  • The focus of mentoring is to develop the whole person.
  • Our students have the opportunity to acquire lifetime relationship-based skills that can empower their future, and provide a foundation for leadership roles, far beyond sailing.

Questions and Answers:

Q: can i bring my own boat?

A. Yes you can join our school and races if you bring your own class legal neo/wasp/nacra. You must sign a waiver and there will be a fee for instruction and races.

Q: can i store my boat and equipment there?

A: Yes, dry storage is available for a fee.

we are looking for advice, critiques and people who are interested in joining.

Let’s get the word out.

Contact us for further information at:

Our Sailing Friends

GSBYRA.ORG – Great South Bay Racing Association

Catamaran Sailing on Great South Bay

Connetquot River Dinghy Club

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