Mexican Coke

What’s the deal with Mexican Coke?

Unlike Coke and virtually every other non-diet soda from the USA, Mexican Coke does not have High Fructose Corn Syrup. AKA HFCS, is used as a cheap sugar substitute. There is controversy and word parsing regarding HFCS. HFCS is implicated in a number of serious diseases and is addictive. Here in the USA HFCS is found in most foods as it is a cheap filler that subsidizes the corn industry.

Controversies aside some of us prefer food that is made the old fashion way, with real sugar rather than cheap, waste by-products that are considered unfit for human consumption by other countries..

And before you believe some scientist that “you can’t tell the difference”, you can, i can, anyone can. It’s interesting to note that younger people tend to prefer HFCS sweetened drinks (and products) rather than cane sugar.

I question when i see high fructose corn syrup in food thats don’t have any sugar at all, like pretzels or bread. So for me, if i see HFCS in a product, i just don’t buy it.

Mexican coke is really easy to identify

  • It has a US federal/state nutrition label attached to the bottle as an addition.
  • It says “Refresco” on the permanent label
  • The permanent label is measured in milliliters 366ml
  • it’s in a glass bottle.
Mexican Coke has a US food nutrition label attached as an ‘afterthought’.
Mexcian Coke has a permanent label that is written in (suprise) Spanish! And the contents are measured in ml.

Many people see a glass bottle and assume its mexican coke. I wrote this blog because some health minded people ordered “mexican coke” from the menu, and while the coke came in glass bottles, it wasn’t mexican coke. I educated the restaurateur and my dinner companions to what is said above.


  • No add-on US federal/state nutrition label.
  • Permanent label is written in English
  • contents Measured in fluid ounces
  • ALSO comes in a glass bottle – but on the ingredients list you’ll find High Fructose Corn Syrup.
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