Sailing Daze 2022

Summer 2022

Several events have made sailing the summer of 2022 both more challenging and easier.

This is what a Fatal Coronary Heart Attack for a Hobie 20 Looks like, Alphonses face notwithstanding.
  1. I am very sad to announce the demise of my Catamaran “Hazardous {when wet}”. 30 years of racing it hard and putting it away wet have finally taken its toll and it is no longer safe to sail. They haven’t made parts for it since 2007. The most highly stressed part on the boat, the dolphin striker anchor/front cross beam/Hull intersection points have cracked. The boat has suffered the equivalent of a fatal coronary heart attack. This is the first boat i’ve actually worn out.
  2. I have another Hobie 20 on the North Shore in Lloyd Neck named “Spare Parts”. I have inspected it and with 20-30 hours of work it will be safe and ready to sail. i’m looking for volunteers to help clean, rig and transport it to the south shore.
  3. I will be posting forecasts for PROJECTED good sailing afternoons. If enough people want mentoring, or an excursion/destination sail please let me know, i’ll be glad to meet up with you all.


  • *10 BEST DAY
  • #LAY DAY
  • No leading character means it’s a promising day not expected to be 10 best

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