Food Is Personal!

Can you think of anything more personal than food? It touches the primal basics of our lives every few hours: I’m hungry. What do i want to eat? What’s available? Will I like it? Will I like how it’s prepared? Can I afford it? How does it smell? What is the texture like on my tongue, mouth? Does this food take me back to my own personal history? Can i make this better at home? Can I make this at all?

Food incorporates the present, the future and the past on an on-going basis. Food elicits all kinds of emotions and actions multiple times, every day of our lives.
Food can make you sick. Food can make you better. Food can make you feel good.
Foodies) relish in the knowledge (sorry) and many emotions involved with Food Culture, Food production, transportation, preparation, eating and enjoyment.

Food can take you home, to your childhood or to a treasured memory.

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