New York City

in new York city excellence is ordinary.exceptional is rewarded. People come here to live out their dreams. Some succeed wildly, some get chewed up and spit out, run back to where they came from and never come back.

The quintessential New Yorker comes from somewhere else.

We have density of population that allows us to live like people did 100 years ago. we go to butchers and cheesemongers in dirty little buildings.
no blister packed safe-way cheese for us.

but NYC is not a huge faceless gotham, as former mayor David Dinkens called it “A beautiful mosaic”. Neighborhoods can change when you cross the street – and you can feel it. the crazily busy coffee shop will know your “regular” order the second time you go in. NYC is one of the friendliest places on the face of the earth, just don’t be rude, that’s our job. Stopping a businessman rushing down the sidewalk at 8:55am (or 4:55pm) to ask for directions is rude.

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