NYC Pizza Tours

Sicilian or neopolitan or Detroit nyc has pizza.

Pizza was invented in NYC, you can get that pizza today, they’re still in business, at Lombardi’s.

Here in NYC Pizza is both an art form and a religion. from the buck a slice chains to the very fancy schmancy thin crust pizzas, you can find practically anything here. I’ve heard people say “you can’t get a bad slice of pizza in NY”. Unfortunately that is false. There are enough crazy great pizza places that you don’t have to settle for anything but crazy great. Here are the classics:

Di Fara’s

Joe’s – The Quintessential New York Street Slice. hold up your index finger and get one plain slice. this is your reference reference for new york pizza. simple, balanced, crunchy delicate crust in the middle, chewy charred at the edges and just the right balance of uncooked tomato sauce cooked right on the pie.

Johns – Brick Oven since 1929, whole pies only

Prince Street Pizza – The closest you can come to Siracusa Sicilian this side of the atlantic. they are proud of their pepperoni, how it ‘cups’ and captures the oil. As well the should be, it’s great.

New York Pizza Supreme Unsung hero by Penn Station, Madison Square Garden. they have everything – stick to the upside down sicilian, sicilian or regular slice.

Out There

Umberto’s of New Hyde Park

In the Queue to Try:

  • L&B Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn.
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