Raw Milk : Basics

There are building blocks for food. Milk is one of them. “Dairy” products from butter to cheese to custard all start their life as milk. My foodie world traveling buddy Mark, from butterblogger.com says: “if you only have one or two ingredients, then the quality of those ingredients is critical”.

In centuries past Raw milk could contain pathogens, such as Listeria, that could kill you. In 2019 we can test for pathogens and understand the processes necessary to produce safe raw milk.

There is nothing like cold Raw Milk and cream. In Mega-agriculture there is no room for artisan milk. Milk is taken from thousands of cows by machine, denatured through high temperature pasteurized processed en mass, stored sometimes for a week, shipped, not always under the best controlled refrigeration and put on the shelves waiting for you to buy it. It is flavorless, has a long, long shelf life and causes gastric distress that many perceive as lactose intolerance, or they take prescription drugs because they think something is wrong with them.

In many states the sale of Raw milk is illegal. Or only allowed if you own a piece of the cow. It is labeled with skull and crossbones and is considered ‘unfit for human consumption’. In California Raw milk producers have been raided by heavily armed police and taken into custody as if they were selling heroin.

New York State allows the sale of Raw Milk under strictly controlled regulations. There are only a handful of Raw Milk Licensed Dairies in the State. The milk is tested daily for pathogens, can only be sold on the farm (no transport or distribution), and must be discarded after 24 hours.

I like Ty Llwyd Farm in Riverhead. The stock is healthy, they are grass fed and the milk tastes wonderful. I occasionally make Raw Cream Custard from the cream i get there. It is unbelievably good. It makes you feel like you’re 6 years old again.

Best of all Raw Milk doesn’t give me terrible heartburn, like the commerical high temperature milk in supermarkets does. and i love that it’s not homogenized too. drops of cream interspersed with the milk. wonderful.

Raw milk makes an incredible base ingredient for home made yogurt,

Raw milk cream along with the free range fresh eggs makes an incredible base for my “I Know The Cow Raw Cream Custard”.

” “It’s a shame most of the world doesn’t know what real milk tastes like.”

send me a message for how to procure the fresh yogurt and/or custard.

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