Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit

I first had Passion fruit on an United Airlines flight to Australia / New Zealand. It was a little pile of pulp and seeds and I had no idea what it was, besides ugly and delicious. Passion fruit looks like a plum or pluot, are kind of hard to find and also tend to be somewhat expensive. When i find good ones i grab ’em because they are so delicious. The flavor is kind of orangy, zesty, citrusy and when you bite into a seed, one at a time, they crunch and then explode in your mouth with great flavor. Just plain fun.

I picked these up at the Manhattan Fruit Exchange, which is in the basement of the Chelsea Market.

As the passion fruit ages it gets dimpled and dehydrated looking on the outside. This is about as dimpled as I would buy (I bought this one yesterday) and eat it right away.
Just cut it open. the skin and meat are not edible, we are after just the pulp and the seeds.
Just spoon out a little at a time, slurp up the pulp and bite the seeds, one at a time.
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