Kosciuszko Bridge Rushes

My first drive over the new span as passenger with Izzy driving.

this will be taken down and turned into a blog soon. here are the pix from today.

wandering photographer

The following pix predate the opening and are from the wandering photographer.

The old bridge next to the new bridge

The old bridge demolished

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3 thoughts on “Kosciuszko Bridge Rushes

  1. Nice Pics! Saying goodbye to the old bridge: https://youtu.be/dvEd0sCj20w

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    1. if you can’t here, you should show these pictures to your dad.

      i was thinking i need to dig up my pix of the old bridge, thanks for the youtube!

      gorgeous isn’t it? and it’s held together with duct tape and a clamp!


      1. LOL, just like Roger’s plan… and car.

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