CBS Sunday Morning does a Segment on Milk

The segment misses every point i’ve made in the blog. However, they interviewed an organic milk producer in Little Falls, New York named Timothy Demeree while he was feeding his cows fresh grass. Very exciting segment. They make you play the 30 second ad at the beginning. The segment I’m referring to is at 8:17.

You can see the segment here:

He was wearing a Maple Hill Creamery T-Shirt on national TV. Great product placement! Maple Hill is one of the local brands of one of the exceptional yogurts i’ve mentioned in my Yogurt Blog.

It’s a shame that big agriculture has ruined a vast amount of our milk supply. This is evident by the steeply falling consumption of milk. The big agriculture milk products are void of flavor and labeled in a misleading fashion. The farming processes are unsustainable. The people who are farming sustainably and delivering a superior product are put under pressure by this. Please support your local dairy farmer.

I love when the news is catching up with me! Nice way (and blog) to start my day.

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