Union Square Greenmarket, NYC fall ’19

The abundance of the fall harvest in the market is stunning. Today I’m going to see if the sign of fall has yet arrived. Early in the fall the champaign grapes from upstate show up.

But as the fall marches on the “god grapes”, called Jupiter and Mars begin to appear. These are the sweetest, tenderest grapes and indicate the market will wane in the months to come. When that happens there will be far fewer farmers, and moonshine, pretzels, root veggies and hydroponic tomato’s will be the market anchors.

Tons of Shishito Peppers
Photo by Dan Scolnick
waiting for the Jupiters
Photo by Dan Scolnick

Champaign grapes appeared last week.

“God Grapes of Mars”
Photo by Dan Scolnick
“The Haul”
Photo by Dan Scolnick

This is what I brought home. String Beans, Purple peppers! Green turning red peppers and look at those PLUMP Mars Champaign grapes!

They almost look plastic, but they’re NOT! REAL FOOD!

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