New York City Signs 091819

Dedicated to my surrogate parents of my undergraduate Days: Haig and Sheena enjoy!

5 thoughts on “New York City Signs 091819

  1. Wow. I never thought that a blog post dedicated to signs throughout New York City would be so interesting. Well done! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you for your encouraging comment.


  2. Dan, Thank you for remembering us. We are so honored. We have so many fond memories of you and Danny when you two were together in college. To this day, he considers you one of his lifelong closest friends. We hope that we get a chance to see you soon! Love Haig and Sheena.

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    1. New York City has always been under constant rapid change. It’s part of what it is. Dan was telling me he wanted you and Haig to see what’s happened. As you know we New Yorkers pride ourselves on not being impressed with the craziness that happens minute by minute.

      So with that in mind – I want to show ordinary things that didn’t exist or have changed dramatically in the years since you have been here. It makes me think and appreciate more what I see and do everyday. This gives me the opportunity to stop and “smell the roses”, and share it with you. It gives me great joy and it’s the least I can do.

      You, Haig, Nona and Buddy were my family in the days where mine was shattered. You and Haig were always kind, warm, loving and generous of spirit. I feel that today still. I remember how much you and my mom led somewhat parallel lives and got along so well when you met. You are the only ‘nuclear’ family I have left.

      Dan refers to our relationship as “littermates”. I can’t think of a better word to describe it.

      I hope to see you soon.



      1. SHEENA DADOURIAN October 1, 2019 — 3:50 pm

        Hi Dan,
        It was wonderful to see you & to thank you for the verity of sandwiches from “Sarge’s
        Delicatessen . They were delicious. You will always be part of our lives & in our heart
        forever. We love you & God Bless you & keep you in his care.
        Many hugs & batchigs xoxo. Haig & Sheena


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