New York City Signs 092219

Dedicated to my surrogate parents of my undergraduate Days: Haig and Sheena enjoy!

The Alamo at Astor Place

“Spin the Cube” has been a favorite of NYU Students and residents for 52 years.
Video by Dan Scolnick

The Cooper Union Institute for the Advancement of Science and Art:

Thomas Edison, Max Fleischer and David Lynch went to school here.

The Cooper Union has been ranked in the top ten of Money magazine’s inaugural The Best Colleges for Your Money list. Coming in at #8, just behind MIT, Princeton, Stanford and Harvard, Cooper ranks higher than the other Ivy League schools as well as all the universities in New York City. It was tuition free and has instituted a plan to become tuition free again by 2029. The Cooper Union has been a center of social justice and outspoken peaceful protest since before the civil war.

Broken Windows exhibit at Cooper Union

This art exhibit is emotionally moving and gut wrenching once you realize what you’re looking at.

“Broken Windows Exhibit at Cooper Union”
Video by Dan Scolnick

McSorley’s was men’s only since 1970 (they only have one bathroom) when the were forced to open to women. Nothing has been removed from the walls since 1910.

Finally, where else but New York City could you get lessons to train your dog to be bilingual in English and Yiddish, taught by a Spanish guy?

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