New York City Signs: 092519

Dedicated to my surrogate parents of my undergraduate Days: Haig and Sheena enjoy!

Changes: as I see them.

Notice the electric streetlamp across 6th avenue a change made in 1882, very controversial. Notice the subway entrance, walking into a hole in the ground, a highly controversial notion, was a change made in 1904. Notice the external fire escape, an icon of NYC. These were added to ‘tenement’ buildings following a law of 1901. Notice the brown street signs, these designate an historic street where the visual aspects of the building can not be changed without permission from the city. The “landmark” laws followed the demolition of the orginal Penn Station which every New Yorker realized after it happened was a terrible mistake. The iconic neon signs on the Waverly Diner harken back to the 1920’s where you could buy a cup of coffee for pennies. Notice the street signs that say both 6th Avenue & Avenue of the Americas, both the same and a source of on-going confustion to tourists. Later a Starbucks opens where you can buy a cup of coffee for 10 dollars. All Coexist.

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  1. So nice you bring this information forward so many look but don’t see or realize

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