Moo Eats Greek, Souvlaki GR

Souvlaki GR makes it to the Moo List

No Pictures for this one. I love it when I get to try a restaurant that is on my “to try” list. It’s even better when that restaurant makes it to the Moo List. It’s best when Mark ( and I get to try that restaurant together.

The original Souvlaki GR is on the lower east side and they had no tables available for Saturday night, so we went to the midtown restaurant. The decor makes it like walking into a little Greek Island. A bit noisy and a bit tight, like most other midtown restaurants.

I had the Avgalemeno Soup which is one of my favorite comfort foods. It was quite good, smooth, lemony and the chicken was uncharastiscally tender and flavorful. Mark and I shared a Horiatiki Salad (“village” salad in greek). The tomatos were red, juicy and flavorful, the feta had just the right amount of bite.

For the main course Mark had the Moussaka and I had the pork Skewers with Tzaziki. Both delicious. The pork was uniformly sized, cooked and gently seasoned. The Taziki was among the best i’ve had in NYC.

For dessert they gave us a complimentary Aparitiff and we split a baklava. Mark thought they used home made philo doug because it was a little bready rather than crunchy and dry. The nuts were deliciously sublime and the syrup was mostly honey, no simple sugar syrup for this Balava.

All in all it was completely authentic. We both remarked how we would likely have to travel to Athens to get better. What would be better would be the produce. This is why we travel. Even the best produce in the USA doesn’t come close to the freshness and flavor of local produce from a greek village on the medeterrainian.

Souvlaki GR would hold it’s own in Greece.

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