New York City Signs 20191025

A Place to live out your car dreams.

New York City, and indeed the whole tri-state area is NOT known for being car friendly. We’re known for traffic, car swallowing potholes, pre-horseless-carriage bridges and roadways. The lane lines on the roads don’t even match up from block to block. Driving and Parking are hotile here. The Nickname for the US-495, The Long Island Expressway is “The Distressway” or “The worlds longest parking lot”.

A car is a huge liability here, and many New York City natives, never get, never got and don’t want a drivers license. You don’t need one. In the city you can walk, ride a citibike, take a cab/uber/lyft skateboard, scooter, subway or tram just about anywhere you want to go much faster and cheaper than driving. Then you don’t need to find a parking space (there aren’t any, anyway) once you get there.

People pay $50k for a parking space that then has a “monthly maintenance fee” attached. If I owned a space like that i’d paint the white lines myself! People pay from $400 to $800 per month to park their cars. Street Meters charge $10 per hour, they take credit cards. Door dings and scratched bumpers are virtually assured. you see old wrecks like this car below everywhere, well, maybe not….

So of course NYC is the perfect place for the famous Cooper Classics Collection of cars. They are a block from my apartment and I always keep an eye on what they’re doing. They find rare european cars, restore them and i see them drive in, drive out and drive around the neighborhood.

I was riding my bike home from my butcher and I smelled the old familiar pre 1973 smell of carbuerated richly tuned hydrocarbons (that would be pre-pollution controlled auto exhaust from a high performance engine). I heard a wonderful engine sound. Not unexpectedlly I caught up with a ‘barn find‘ of a relic. Though we were about a mile from my apartment I knew exactly where this car was going. I took the most direct route, beat him there (bicycles are much faster than cars in NYC), set up my camera and waited about 3 minutes for him to arrive.

Mercedes 300 Gull Wing Arrives
Video by Dan Scolnick

One of these Mercedes 300 Gull wings cost about $7,295 new in 1955, which was incredibly expensive back then. One recently sold for over 4 million dollars. Yes this barn find of a wreck parked on the street is worth well over 1 million dollars.

Gull Wing Door Open
Video by Dan Scolnick

Check out the old man getting out, and the young guy, who parked it in the garage, getting in.

Gull Wing Door Close
Video by Dan Scolnick

Turn up the volume and listen to the sound of the gull wing door closing in the above video. 64 year old, It’s a Mercedes! Maybe sometime in the future i’ll have pictures of it fully restored.

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