New York City Signs 20191107

Favorite Corners & The Union Square Greenmarket.

Another Saturday morning. It’s time to go to the Union Square Greenmarket. As the season gets well past peak, and the sun is lower in the sky we see the final produce of the season dwindle along with the number of vendors attending. The larger venders that continue to attend take less space

Long gone are the garlic scapes and wet onions. The champaign grapes, while they still look great are not quite as plump and turgid. They won’t be around much longer. The peppers are getting small, the pumpkins and squashes are now past peak and we’re slowly descending into the long winter where the market is great for baked goods, hydroponic tomatoes, root vegetables, local beer, and moonshine.

How many street signs are there for one four-way intersection!

Here’s something new. Purple Napa. I bought one, can’t wait to try it.

Here’s a surprise for the end of the season. Fresh wet Ginger. the smell is sublime!

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