New York City Signs 20191111

Trump is in town

It takes a lot to shut down 5th Avenue OR Madison Avenue in the middle of a weekday. It would take a parade or something, like the Armistice Veterans Day Parade to shut down an Avenue.

The tall dark building on the right with the vertically stepped side is Trump Towers. The security around the building on normal days is much tighter than anywhere else in the city. When Trump is in town they hunker down like crazy.

Notice the pedestrian barriers on both sides of the street for many blocks in either direction. That’s not for the parade. The parade is south of here.

As you get closer you can see that there are Sanitation dump trucks filled with sand surrounding the Towers and an extra block on either side.

As I get a block away the restrictions now keep people on the other side of the street. The east side of the street, directly in front of the Towers, has dump trucks filled with sand bumper to bumper so that a person can’t get between them. The west side (far side) has Highway Patrol Busses and dump trucks filled with sand parked bumper to bumper. This is in addition to the pedestrian control fencing.

To get to the towers you would need to cross a fence, go over or under a bus, across the vacant (except for secret service, and police) street, get over or under a dump truck full of sand, over a fence and then who knows what is on the sidewalk in front of the towers.

I can’t imagine what it must be like to live there on a day like today.

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