Moo Eats more chocolate!

Venchi Revisited

The density of New York City enables stores that specialize in narrow excellence to thrive. For example, everywhere else in the country a pizzaria also serves Heros/Grinders/Subs, and italian plates like chicken parm. Here in The City the best pizzarias only sell pizza with only one or two toppings available (like peperoni or sausage). We have stores that only sell lightbulbs. The density of population enablese excellence in a narrow range of goods and services.

If you remember last week I had a chocolate craving that just wouldn’t quit for weeks. I went to Venchi to have my fix (but not to blog).

This time I went for both reasons and also realized that I need to add Venchi to my Moo Restaurant List. I’m entering Venchi with 4 Moo’s. It doesn’t get old and it is real food. In fact if you think of chocolate as most names you can find in the stores, you may well not have had REAL chocolate.

You don’t (and can’t) eat very much real chocolate. It’s so rich, so intense and has such a complex depth of flavors, you can be sated in a couple of ounces.

“A wall of molten chocolate”
Video by Dan Scolnick

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