New York City Signs – 20191116 Subway

Tom Otterness, Early

These are “early” Tom Otterness Sculptures. The early sculptures always have some kind of money or power theme.

I discovered some public space displalyed ‘newer’ ones which I will blog about, that deal with the power of Love, Dispair and Justice. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “New York City Signs – 20191116 Subway

  1. As I don’t live in the City, I have not been on the subway near as much as I Know The Cow. So these Tom Otterness sculptures are ones I have not yet seen in person. The overall collection is titled LIFE UNDERGROUND.

    The photos I’ve taken of LIFE UNDERGROUND are at

    The Otterness collection at Roosevelt Park is called THE REAL WORLD. It also has an underlying theme of money and power in many of it’s figures. My favorite there I think is at the south entrance to the sculpture park. It consist of a worm which is being held by a much smaller humanish figure; not sure if it’s being held in a protective grasp or restraining grasp. The worm is being eyed by a much lager bird. The bird is being eyed by a cat. And all are being eyed by a bulldog which is chained to a pole. My photos are at


    1. that’s Rockefeller Park, I believe not Roosevelt Park. It is an extraordinary display. It is also user interactive as there is a button under one of the benches that when pushed, turns on a fountain that fills, then drains.

      i was unaware (even though i’ve read it) that the collection names were ‘life underground’ and ‘real world’. Now i’m wondering what the ones in the Breezeway on 57th street, which post tomorrow is called.

      thank you alphonse.


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