Damn Tourists!

Joe’s Pizza for Lunch

I stopped at Joe’s pizza for lunch. Best slice in The City (at least it used to be). It’s a tight, cramped little hole in the wall of a place. There is a flow, a process for such a tiny place to serve tens of thousands of slices a day. You walk straight in, order your slice, move one step to the right get your napkins, pay, then turn around and try to leave. Any variance leads to knots of people in close quarters with molten hot pizza. It’s dangerous and it doesn’t work.

Some big guy walks in and snuggles up tight to the counter to my right. There is maybe room for one more small person at the counter after he does this. I had to actually walk around him to get my napkins and straw and then reach in front of him to slide my slices to the register to pay. I definately got in his face and did my best body language to make him feel as uncomfortable as possible.

He orders two slices, pointing to my fresh slices, “just like those”.

This guy looks familiar. He’s wearing shorts on a very cold day. Old, soft spoken, I know him!

He plays Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live….. What’s his name? I can’t remember. Oh yeah, BALDWIN. At this point he takes his slices and sits in a windowless corner really close to the wall so no one can see his face. I call my friend and ask him “Neil, which Baldwin Plays Trump on SNL?”

Oh yeah, Alec Baldwin.

funny, no one else in joe’s seemed to notice. NYC is famous for that. We are unimpressed – on the outside.

I had lunch with Alex Baldwin. Or at least next to him.

And I definately got in his face.

But i was wrong about him being a tourist.

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