See Saws on Broadway

One of the great things about New York City is you can see something on the news, then look out your window, or walk down the street and there it is. Makes me feel relevant.

So WTF is this on Broadway between 36th and 37th street?

See saws of course. Day and Night. 24×7. Looks like fun!

In this case I found the see saws first, then saw it on the news several days later.

Broadway through and south of Times Square used to be choked with traffic. But the city made it one lane (sometimes) in order to create more congestion. It worked!

what you find is there’s all kinds of styles of see sawing. in the above photo one must take a selfie whilst see-sawing on broadway.

Video by Dan Scolnick

Of course the one lane is forced to turn off of Broadway before this block of see saws therefore teaching drivers unaware of the fun and games that driving your car into the city can be a real hassel!.

2 thoughts on “See Saws on Broadway

  1. unbelievable


  2. Those see saws are neat! You have to try them out!!!!

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