Cheesemaking in NYC

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

Some of you may remember my 400 mile day trip to see cheddar cheesemaking at Grafton Village Cheese in Vermont. Several years ago I was on a kick about Peking Duck. I decided to go to Peking (which is now called Beijing) to try authentic Peking Duck (which is now called Beijing Roasted Duck). I came home and two months later some of the best Peking duck was to be had just 3 blocks from my home. Much to my surprise there is a real chedder cheesemaker right on Broadway just south of the FlatIron Building.

In the NYC tradition of ‘best kept secrets’, I’ve been walking past this place without knowing what it is for years. Butterblogger and I were walking by and he wanted to go inside. What a surprise!

Not only can you watch them make cheddar cheese, but they have a lovely little restaurant where I got a grilled cheese sandwich on sourdough bread, tomato soup (how classic) and a delicious meatball on the side. They also had some interesting beers and colas. It was delicious.

There is also a little cheese counter where you can purchase several different cheddars they make on site. On broadway, in the Flatiron district of NYC

You can watch them make the cheese you’re eating.

A lovely lunch indeed.

This is a stop on my “give my regards to Broadway” tour.

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