NYC: Ground Zero: Hotel

Hilton Millenium Downtown

Great views and often at a reasonable price

I had a free night certificate for Hilton that was going to expire Sunday. I’m glad I noticed it before it did. The certificates are for a base room, but status gets an upgrade when it’s available. They gave me a 36th floor corner suite for my free certificate. They also thanked me.

Nobu, a very expensive and famous Japanese restaurant is in the same block of buildings as the hotel. This place can set you back a couple of hundred dollars a person without any problem at all. I had a philly cheese steak for

Century 21 used to be a bank.
Photo by Dan Scolnick

I love when a business respects the architectural past. This is across the street and used to be a savings bank. Obviously from the 1920’s. Look at that stunning Art Deco Scupting over the door! It’s a relic from The East River Savings Bank – I remember hearing ads for them on the radio when i was a little kid.

That’s just a small sample of what around ground zero. We pass through this area on my “Give my regards to Broadway” tour.

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