New York City Signs 20-3-30

The Statue of Liberty welcomes people as they enter New York Harbor and makes a statement about the United States of America.

The Empire State Building makes a statement from the people of New York City. It speaks our collective mind. A lone skyscraper on 34th street, for a long time the tallest building in the world.

Anyone who grew up within a 75 mile radius of The Empire State Building lives facing that building mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She’s stood there planted solidly, the gravitas emanating from every element, since the 1930’s. She speaks New York.

When approaching New York City from any direction, by boat, car, train or plane, she is the signpost in the spiritual and geographic center that guides you into your destination. For me, she is the obelisk that says: “HOME”.

She is the center of broadcasting for television and radio from her central mast. She was lit in white until about 30 years ago. Then they put gels on the lights so they could change it to a different color scheme on special nights. They changed the gels to speak the mind of every New Yorker. Whether it was the colors of a world champion sports team, or a great cause. Red, White and Blue on National Holidays. To show our respect for the dead, She is dark on nights of mourning. Her lights would be turned off at midnight on normal nights. The people of the world look to her, to see and hear her statements speaking the mind of a singular New York.

During the aftermath of 9-11, where workers toiled 24×7 for months on end, they turned on the lights all night long in red, white and blue to demonstrate solidarity with the ground zero workers. It was a comfort to have her speaking for all New Yorkers, standing by their sides as the underground fires burned and the debris was painstakingly cleared, piece by piece.

A few years ago they went to sophisticated, computer controlled LED lights and made moving displays.

Never, has there been a display like the one tonight. It left me crying. Heartbroken. Diane would give it the highest compliment in a single word. ART




A beacon and tribute to our Emergency workers as they battle on the front lines this invisible enemy that attacks the most vulnerable among us. Thank you to healthcare workers who have put their own lives and the lives of their families in jeopardy to try to save the lives of strangers. You give New Yorkers hope and confidence.


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