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Would you like a mask made by Laura?

We need masks. From today it looks like we’re all going to be wearing masks for at least another year. Maybe even if you’ve had covid-19 and cleared it. Would you like a unique mask, that is comfortable, effective, identifiable, re-usable, washable, beautifully crafted, three ply with non-woven interface, gusseted and custom sized? There has been a huge number of requests for these masks for several reasons:

  • Unique. These masks are hand made. Each is unique in some way.
  • Comfort. These masks are made in sizes for infants, children, men and women. they have cotton ties rather than elastic straps, which Doctors and healthcare workers have told us are more comfortable.
  • Identifiable. Each mask is made out of a unique combination of patterns. You won’t be confusing your masks with someone elses (yuck).
  • Machine washable/Re-Usable. Environmentally sound. Rather than discarding and buying a new disposable mask, these masks can be washed and reused.
  • Three ply with non-woven interfacing.
  • Gusseted for men and women
  • Sizes to fit infants and children.

This is not and was not intended to be a business. If you would like a mask, we ask you to make a donation through IKnowTheCow. We will use the money to produce and mail the masks that you request to you. We will use the funds to continue to make masks for healthcare workers and assistants which will be donated to hospitals, nursing homes and other worthy causes.

CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain

What these masks are NOT

These are not N95 specification masks which are used by healthcare professionals. N-95 masks are used to keep germs out. Due to shortages, N-95 masks are not to be used by non-healthcare professionals.

What these masks ARE

These are custom hand crafted masks of the highest quality. Each one is unique, machine washable, reusable and made by Laura. “I dont want these to fall apart, I want them to be sturdy so they will last as long as we need them”.

As recommended by the CDC they are intended to keep the moisture from your breath contained.

They are sewn with a non-woven interface fabric or flannel, sandwiched between the inside and outside fabric. These are three ply.

The masks are secured by ties, which people find more comfortable than Elastic straps.

Each one is unique in it’s combination of colors, patterns, ties.

There is an inside and an outside. Easily identifiable by the stitching

The Stitching goes on the outside.

No stitching is visible on the inside.

Each mask takes about 1 hour to produce by hand.

Surprisingly, the most time consuming part of producing the masks is the ties. It’s fine detailed work. Elastic would be much faster and easier, but not as comfortable or as stylish.

Each Masks is very high quality and machine washable, and should be washed after use.

And the paper bag too!

Each Masks is shipped in its environmentally friendly, sustainable forestry sourced paper storage bag and instructions.

Proper use of the masks INCLUDES a process that includes the paper bag it comes with.

How to order a mask

Email your name and mailing address to, How many masks you would like and whether they are for male, female, child or infant. The difference between male and female is an extra stich/gusset to make the bridge of the nose fit tighter. Not all females need the extra gusset, and it can be easily removed by breaking a stitch on each side. Please put something on the subject line so it doesn’t get caught by the spam filters. Because of the scarcity, the time it takes to make a mask, and the high quality we must limit each request to two masks per request.

Please make a suggested donation of $50 per mask or as much or as little as you can via the Pay Pal link at the bottom of the page. Pay Pal accepts credit cards.

Each Package Includes:

  • A mask
  • paper bag to store it in
  • Instructions

Instructions on how to use a mask

Now that the CDC has recommended that we all wear masks when out in public where you might be in closer contact with others, I hope you are.  Here some instruction about how to use masks properly.  Using them improperly could increase your risk of virus exposure. 

Instructions on Mask Use and Storage

Putting on the mask

  • 1 – Perform Hand Hygiene
  • 2 – Pick up the mask by the ties, put it over your face and tie it behind your head starting with the top tie, then tie the neck.
  • 3 – make sure the bottom of the mask goes under your chin and the top goes over the bridge of your nose.
  • The front of the mask is considered dirty once you have it on.

Removing the mask

  • 1 – Perform Hand Hygiene.
  • 2 – DO NOT touch the front of the mask. Untie the ties starting at the neck.
  • 3- Fold the mask with the outside facing itself so that the outside is touching itself.
  • 4 – Place the mask in a PAPER BAG labeled with your name and date.
  • 5 – DO NOT seal the bag or any other kind of sealable container.
  • 6 – Store the bag in a safe and secure location.
  • 7 – Perform Hand Hygiene.


  • If you need to adjust the mask, perform hand hygiene before and after adjusting it.


  • Do not touch your face or the mask, If you do perform hand hygiene immediately.
  • Do not leave the mask hanging off of your chin or over only one of your ears as this can contaminate your neck, your back or your clothing.
  • Makeup is discouraged as it can lead to soiling of the mask.

This is a video from UNC Healthcare where they are using and reusing masks to conserve the supply. 

Bottom line — consider the outside of your mask as contaminated, even if was “just” a trip to the grocery store.  When you get home, take it off as if it has virus on it, put it in the wash or store it as described.  Then WASH YOUR HANDS! 😊

TO REQUEST up to 2 Face Masks:

email your mailing address to along with how many masks you want.

If the mask is for a child, please tell us the age and gender of the child. Laura has made masks for children of 1 year old through children in their 70’s!

So Healthcare support personnel can continue to get masks please make a donation below. $50 per mask is recommended.


Thank you for your support

“I don’t want these to fall apart, I want them to be sturdy so they will last as long as we need them.” Laura Menard

Watch Laura sew!

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