South Shore Racing

Spring 21, Session 1.

It was a cold day to welcome in our first session of the spring. Felt more like frostbiting!

Wind Nw 5-12

Partly Cloudy,

High Around 50

Water temp 46

At the beginning of the session we kept getting hung up on the pin, but we squared that away by showing the kids where they wanted to be and when.

a long course using the south government buoy as the leward mark. Unlike the rest of the world, we round to starboard (someone has to do it).

by the end of the session we had super competitive racing going on, with a debrief after each race. 2 instructors and a mentor for what ended up being 2 competitors.

Huge learning, but what’s most important, is learning with big smiles and camaraderie.

I cherish these days.


I have more pix, but these are the best of them.

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