All of the food products Listed here are ‘staples’ that I personally use regularly. It IS my shopping list.

Where I can I put in links to ‘recipes’ that I use.

This page is a work in progress, it doesn’t look great in places but it works.

You can go to the supermarket and read labels for hours. It’s difficult to find commercially available food that adheres to my 3 ingredient rule. At this point it is nearly impossible to buy mayonnaise or chicken broth (with one exception) that does not contain the misnomer “natural flavors”. The Non-food items here, I personally use and am happy enough with to recommend.

Virtually the entire food supply in the USA has now been dominated by Big Agriculture from pesticide resistant seeds to space on the shelf in the supermarket. Big Agriculture “designs” food to look good, be cheap, transport great distances well, and last forever on the shelf. Big Agriculture food is not produced for health, flavor or nutrition.

What you’ll find here are foods that I have personally researched, use and enjoy regularly. They adhere to my “no more than 3 ingredients” rule are healthy, delicious and nutritious and I know the source. Now, so do you.

I would love to hear from you If you would like to submit a food for review and possible inclusion.

Moo Approved Food Sourcing:

Aneto Chicken broth, imported from Spain, is the only chicken broth I can find that does NOT have ‘natural flavors’ added. It’s real food that tastes great. While it has more than 3 ingredients, besides water and free-range chicken they are all vegetables, simply onion, carrot, leek, cabbage, celery and sea salt. Nothing we don’t understand so it gets an enthusiastic pass. I use it for a base in rice, Straciatella alla Romana soup, Avgalemeno Soup, Barbara Kafka high temperature roasted potatoes and all my pan sauces. I prefer the low sodium and I add my own salt.

Yamasa Soy Sauce. Now that Kikoman Teriyaki Sauce has made it into the Moo Hall of Shame for using “natural flavors”, Yamasa will be my goto Teriyaki sauce. All that is required to turn soy sauce into teriyaki sauce is to add some fresh grated ginger root. I should have done this a long time ago.

Soom Tahini – A single source Ethopian sesame tahini. What’s most interesting is this source offers their tahini in certified organic or regular. I called the company to ask what the difference is. They set a small part of their farm aside to get the certification for ‘organic’ farming. This is illustrative of the certification. the family states the only difference between the two is the price and the certification. It’s grown on the same farm in the same soil`. this gives you an idea of the economics and what it costs to get an organic certification. Make the best Tahini dressing!

Kona Salt – The perfect salt for finishing cooked beef, chicken and pork. lower in salt, higher in minerals. The flakes give a crisp texture and flavor. Read more about Salt.

Heda Gazpacho

Espana Gazpacho

Gazpacho. Cold Vegetable soup. One of my favorite foods. I lost a lot of weight one summer eating mostly gazpacho. It does have more than one ingredient but all of them are healthy. Tomato, Cucumber, Peppers, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and spices. Here in the USA sometimes it’s crunchy, sometimes a puree. I learned about REAL gazpacho from a Spanish government minister in my Olive Oil certification class at the International Culinary Institute. Then I found a store called Brodo, which makes bone broths, but during the summer they make authentic Andalusian Gazpacho. In Andalusia Spain (Think Seville), the origin of Gazpacho, it’s more like a light vegetable smoothie with a powerful pop and punch. Both of these are from Spain, organic and they don’t play the stupid additive games. Unless you luck out with Brodo, during the summer these two are a must try. It’s real food created the authentic way, truly exceptional.


Martins Pretzels Made by Menonite Bakers in upstate New York with flour from local farms. They claim they are the best. While I have had some Bavarian pretzels in Bavaria that might be better, Martins claim is valid. These are spectacular, pure, unadulterated pretzels. Just flour, water, yeast and salt. Hand rolled and twisted for a unique texture. Boiled then baked since 1935. Crunchy and Delicious. Betcha’ can’t eat just one.

Made the way it was made in the last century instead of from the laboratories today. If you’re going to drink cola withOUT high fructose corn syrup your choice are limited. Coca-Cola says humans can’t tell the difference between cola made with sugar and cola made with HFCS. They are wrong. This cola does taste significantly different. Curiously I’ve found that younger people who were raised on HFCS prefer HFCS to sugar. Mexican Coke, Mole Cola from Italy, Boylan Cane Cola and Gus Cola is about all there is made withOUT HFCS.

Soda (pop)

Pepsi made with real sugar in 12 ounce cans. No high fructose corn syrup. It many not be healthy or nutritious but it’s real food.

Pepsi made with real sugar in 7.5 ounce cans. No high fructose corn syrup. It many not be healthy or nutritious but it’s real food.

Mexican Coke made with real cane sugar. No high fructose corn syrup.


Sir Kensington’s Mayonaisse. The only mayonaisse left without “natural flavors” added.

All of these tomato pastes are imported from Italy and contain tomatoes and salt. Tomato paste is an excellent substitute for Ketchup and really tastes like tomato, because that is what it is, rather than high fructose corn syrup and laboratory ‘flavors’.


Zebre instant read thermometer. Every cook, amateur or professional, needs an instant read thermometer. Meat is too expensive to take a chance.


Fast Food Nation The book that started the movement by shining a light on the economics of every part of food production and how it has entagled the US economically in unhealthy food production.

Barbara Kafka , Roasting, a Simple Art

This is a great cookbook, very encompassing. High temperature roasting. It is a great way to cook with an unusual process. THE BEST ROASTED potato recipe ever!


The wacky story of the 25 billion dollar Barnes Collection. A must see.

In the queue to be tried

The Fresh Chile Company

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