Why Foodies Travel: Best Foodie Destinations

Foodies go to where the food is for several reasons.

  1. Many foreign countries grow, ranch and produce their foods naturally and locally. The food is produced with flavor, nutrition and local advantages in mind. No Big Agriculture, no adulterated food.
  2. Storage and transportation degrades food. Processing and additives to make food store and transport better makes for tasteless food. Specifically time, temperature and exposure to light degrades food. therefore the best source of food you can get is where it doesn’t need to be stored or transported. The closer you are to the source of the food, both temporally and distance, the better the food will be.
  3. Cultural exposure. the feel and taste of a place, the culture that produces, prepares and serves food makes for a magical and sometimes spiritual experience.
  4. The travel to the place is as interesting as the place and the food it produces.

When i travel

I like to live and eat like the locals. I prefer to travel to places where i don’t speak the language. It creates a more immersive experience and I find that I communicate better than when i’m in an english speaking place.

Hong Kong – made sure i was happy.

Fodors best foodie destinations:

i can’t speak to all of the their destinations but i agree with the ones i’ve been to:

MUNICH – The best Bavarian pretzels in the world! Beer, Schmaltz and Soup – not to be missed Viktualienmarkt,

Crete – Olives, cheese, produce – literally out of the ground. The best restaurant in the world – Frosini’s Garden.

Emilia-Romangna Parma, Parmagiana Reggiano, Ferrari, Balsamic Vinegar Traditionale, Bologna, Modena, ‘The Fat’ of Italy. not to be missed. Some of the worlds best eateries. Tamburini, Bertino…..

Istanbul Turkey great street food.

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