Real Food has 3 Ingredients (or less)

When shopping I buy food that has 3 ingredients or less.

When i make an exception to this rule, like with prepared food, i make sure the ingredients in the prepared food have 3 ingredients or less. You’ll find this eliminates most of the processed, prepared “food” sold in supermarkets.

Specific ingredients such as “Natural Flavors”, HFCS/High fructose corn syrup and products with “Enriched Flour” (read what’s in that!, it’s actually the opposite of enriched – but more on that in another blog) automatically gets left on the shelf in the store.

If it has more than 3 ingredients, I don’t buy it.

I found this artisan yogurt at Eataly. It has two ingredients – whole milk and probiotic cultures. How many ingredients does the yogurt on your supermarket shelf have?

Added benefit. The farm has 11 cows. Do you know how many cows the dairy uses that you get your milk products from?

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3 thoughts on “Real Food has 3 Ingredients (or less)

    1. Thank you for this food for thought. It has given me an added viewpoint as I attempt to refine my diet.


      1. you’re welcome. And thank you for reading my blog.

        In the next couple of days i’m going to be addressing american wheat and how it’s processed. plus what chef dan barber of Blue Hill has to say about it.

        If you have netflix you may want to watch the episode on farming, season 1 episode 2.



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