Union Square Greenmarket, NYC

The City may seem to be an odd place for a farmers market. The incredible diversity of products and sheer number of producers make this unique market a success. The New York “Islands” and regions are home to some outstanding farms, ranching and fishing. On Saturdays the producers bring their best products to Union Square. The market consumes about 6 city blocks of horizontally and vertically packed produce and food products. The size, scale, product diversity, density and population make this market world class and a ‘must visit’.

Lesser known than Central Park, Union Square Park is one of the major parks of NYC. It continues to be the start or the end point for political demonstrations. In April 1861, soon after the fall of Fort Sumter, it was the site of a patriotic rally of a quarter of a million people that is thought to have been the largest public gathering in North America up to that time. There are street chess players at the southwest corner and famous statues commemorating George Washington, Lafayette, Abraham Lincoln, Ghandi and a “Temperance” Fountain.

On Saturday’s we’re here for the Greenmarket.

One of my favorite things about going to the Greenmarket is that you can watch the season change in the produce offered. In the spring, garlic scapes supplant the moonshine (yes, you can get that here too) and the root vegetables to the fall, when the extra grapes from the award winning long island vineyards appear.

more to come………..

4 thoughts on “Union Square Greenmarket, NYC

  1. Your farmer’s market beats the entire North Fork by a field of potatoes. Incredible


    1. Janie, unless you’re looking for whine! Or was it wine? Same difference on both the forks! 🤣😛😝😜🤪


  2. There’s another farmer’s market much closer to your roost. It is at Abingdon Square. Butt it is nearly microscopic in size compared to the one at Union Square.

    Strange thing, when I went to look up the correct name of the square, the Google Maps satellite image was from a day when it was in progress.


    1. yes, the one around the block is microscopic and more like what i’ve seen in most other places.

      the union square green market is exceptional. hence 4 moos.


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