Rocco’s Requiem, It’s worse than we thought

I wrote a requiem for a friend several days ago. As the time progresses things change and it’s worse than we thought.

Bleecker Street is famous and a world wide destination for foodies. The block between Carmine (pronounced Car Mine) and 7th avenue south is the biggest draw for unique New York food.

It was bad enough when Zito’s bakery felt $2.35 was too much for a loaf of real italian bread and closed down. I haven’t had bread as good as Zito’s since.

The stained glass windows are still there above the new store.
Zito’s gone but not forgotten.

Well, today i got a hint at what is going to happen to Rocco’s. In front of the papered up windows was….this……this……..this.

It’s worse than we could imagine:

They’re going to open a standard run-of-the-mill diner using the same name. A zombie Rocco’s. Just what the most iconic block of Bleecker street needs.

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