New York City Signs 092719

Water Tanks, Fire House and Greta

Dedicated to my surrogate parents of my undergraduate Days: Haig and Sheena enjoy!

A peaceful Interlude

Judson Church on Washington Square Park South Always has timely and uplifting messages on it’s board.

and it has since 1892

NYC Water Tanks

Buildings taller than 6 Stories in NYC must have a water tank on the roof, or pumping machinery to deliver water pressure to the higher floors. Water Tanks are virtually all made by Rosenwach. They are made of wood, like a wood barrel with a wood conical top. The are a ‘feature’ of the rooftops of NYC buildlings. They come in 3 flavors. Exposed, as you see in the above picture on the left, Featured, as you see in the above left picture on the right, and Hidden, as you see in the right side picture.

Some people have actually made apartments out of Water Tanks.

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