Moo Eats: Mamouns Falafel

Mamoun’s is the cheapest place to eat in NYC.

Mamoun’s makes the best Falafel

Mamoun’s has been in continuous operation for almost 50 years.

Mamoun’s is open until 5am every night. It’s the perfect place to go when you’re done cramming for an exam, or on your way home after a late night out.

My brother and I have been known to stop by Mamoun’s on the way home from big events like weddings and thanksgiving dinner to grab a falafel on the way home.

Mamoun’s is in NYU’s-Ville. it’s very popular with NYU students. There is almost always a line out the door that moves very fast. They have the BEST tahini dressing! Because it’s so busy, there is very fast turnover and the food is always fresh.

It is literally a hole in the wall and could be a little scary to go in.

I went at an odd hour today (and it’s a jewish holiday). 4:15 and no line!

I ordered a falafel with extra tahini on the side. They made it up fresh for me and i had my lunch in about 1 minute. They are pro’s!

I take my food out to THE TABLE (there’s only one, but there are two benches).

6 bux for a Falafel and a coke.

For those of you that don’t know. Falafel balls are mashed chickpeas with seasoning deep fried. Then put in a pita and mashed a bit with lettuce, tomato and Tahini (sesame) dressing.

It’s cheap, fresh, delicious and filling. Mamouns finds a great balance of spice and flavor that everything comes through. The balls themselves have a spectacular crunch on the outside and a light moist flavorful interior.

A great 6 dollar lunch! Walk a short block and sit down in Washington Square Park for the total immersive village experience.

No wonder it’s a staple for college students and residents for almost 50 years.

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