A 6 Pack of Moo

A Challenger post for the few Who know who DannySixpack is.

a time capsule for: You Know who you are

My Dad had several Multiple carburated Chrysler Products – Hemi’s with dual quads. My mom liked the “pickup”. She often scared both my father and me with the speeds she drove at. When she drove this car, not only did she scare me but she scared herself for the first time ever.

Dual snorkle hood

E-60-15 Wheels and the shiny trim ring.

Space Saver spare only came with the E-60-15 Wheels/Tires. Notice the ‘build sheet’ still tucked in the back seat. When I put the car away in 83 no one was talking about build sheets. Now they take them out and make a book about the car. Had I removed the build sheet it would probably be lost.

Thats the power cord for a Cincinatti Microwave Escort Radar Detector on top of the dash.

One of the finest Instrument Panels ever produced.

I always thought of this car as male. now i’m not so sure.

Power Steering, Power Brakes, Power Power.

I’m crying.

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