New York City Signs 20191115

Subway Images 8th Ave & 14th St.

3 thoughts on “New York City Signs 20191115

  1. never knew


  2. How long has The City had those graffiti styled subway cars? The only time I’ve seen one was when I took the E Train down to its end at the World Trade Center back in mid-October.

    As to the guy stretched out under the bench? The armrest on the bench itself are there to keep the homeless from laying out on them! It’s called “hostile architecture,” and was mentioned in an article on that subject in the New York Times. (


    1. i would not consider arms on a bench to be hostile architecture. there is nothing hostile about having armrests on seating spaces. In fact if you had a physical infirmity, therefore someone who NEEDS the bench, the armrests may well be a NECESSITY to help you stand up from the bench or sit down to the bench. I know this from personal experience.

      I think of “hostile architecture” as the kind of spikes mounted on horizontal surfaces to keep pidgeons from perching and pooping in places where it can endanger health.


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