New York City Signs, Free Boat Rides! 20191119

3 New Staten Island Ferry Boats

The Staten Island Ferry is famous. It connects The Whitehall Terminal in Manhattan Island to Saint George Ferry Terminal in Staten Island. The ferry ride takes about 25 minutes. The views of Lower Manhattan (the financial district), Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge are awesome and the trip is free in both directions.

The Whitehall Terminal, also known as it’s subway stop as “South Ferry” was recently rebuilt into a spendiforous glass and steel structure, however the back side – where the ferries dock, is still a century old.

In New York City we just call it “The Ferry” (sounds like ‘Duh Ferry’) or “South Ferry” (sounds like ‘sowt ferry’) – even though there is no north ferry. I’m told there are plenty of people around the terminal selling tickets for a ferry ride. Don’t buy them.

If you were to take a car between Manhattan Island and Staten Island it could take hours, you would either have to go over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge to Long Island, then cross another bridge or tunnel into Manhattan, or go the other way through New Jersey, which would also be a two bridge crossing. There is no train there (on Staten Island).

It’s mentioned on my home page in the Johnny T’s tourist guide link.

It was with great interest I saw a news video on TV that they were adding 3 new ferryboats to the Staten Island Ferry fleet. This tickled two place in my soul. The boating place and the ‘only in NYC’ place.

This is a typical way a boat is launched into the water for the first time. It is one of many ‘sea trial’ tests of its seaworthyness. I had never seen or even considered they did this with our local ferryboats. I saw the first launching of a New Staten Island Ferry Boat for the first time in my 60 years and here it is for you. Enjoy!

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