The Velcro Kitty Brap Brap Brap, aka VK for the last few days, died peacefully in my arms this afternoon. He was born one of a litter of two and the only survivor. The day I took him home he easily fit in the palm of my hand. He lived 15.5 years thinking I was his mother. and I was. He was the oldest of Yoshio’s cats. He was predeceased by his younger brother, Steinway, and survived by his best friend Winston Kitty who stood guard at his side non-stop for his last two weeks.

There were heavy thunderstorms on the drive home from the vet. The rain stopped by the time we got home. With the last shovelful of earth a few more drops of rain fell.

Velcro was one tough tabby, maybe the toughest i’ve met.

He is sorely missed.

Godspeed VK.

From “The Hours”

Angelica Bell: What happens when we die?

Virginia Woolf: What happens?. We return to the place that we came from.

Angelica Bell: I don’t remember where I came from.

Virginia Woolf: Nor do I.

Angelica Bell: She looks smaller.

Virginia Woolf: Yes, that’s one of the thing that happens. You look smaller.

Angelica Bell: But so peaceful.

4 thoughts on “VK

  1. So sorry Dan. Know how difficult it is.

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  2. So sorry….😞🐾

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  3. 😢😢😢
    I don’t think I’d heard the Brap Brap Brap part of his name before. After cat sitting last year I thought of him as Velcro Ear Ear Ear.

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    1. it’s just your LawnGuyLand accent.


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