Reduced Carb Breakfast.

The Pandemic Kitchen

Do you remember the wonderful Joe Izuzu Ads?

I came down for breakfast Sunday morning and found this on the counter.

Those little specs you see are bubbles releasing. It’s Alive!

Well, i have vowed to cut way back on carbs as this has been crazy here. So I got out my eggs and lots of different kindsa cheeses to make a cheese omlet.

Blue Cheese, Cheddar, Mozzeralla and Parmigiano Reggiano.

After I finished my omlett, Ray came down and asked me if I wanted some of his amazing sour dough waffles.

How could I say no? Reduced carbs? well last time I had two servings. Once again so tasty, tangy, fluffy, like no other waffles i’ve ever had. That’s because instead of just baking powder to give a little rise, this is made with living sour dough starter.

Dinner was home roasted chicken. Notice the citris in the cavity.

and Homemade Foccacia, half with olives.

1 thought on “Reduced Carb Breakfast.

  1. I could never eat all those carbs. A hard boiled egg, some smoked salmon with pickled herring in sour cream are more my style.


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