Who’s the City Dweller?

The Pandemic Pantry

I moved into the city in 1978 to go to school. I lived in the dorm, but as fashion had it for a Long Island guy, I took great pleasure in hating the city, even while availing myself of what it had to offer.

I moved back to Long Island in the summers, and for my senior year of school when I could schedule my classes for only 3 days a week. I stayed on Long Island until 1984. My mom got ill and I moved back to the city to live with her and help out.

These were the days before the internet and web browsers. I bought a newspaper every day. One had to go down to the corner newsstand and buy a paper. I liked Newsday – because it had the comics I grew up with, Ann Landers and Dear Abby (her sister). The local papers in NYC are the NY Times, The NY Post and The Daily News. It was sometimes difficult to find a Newsday.

It occurred to me on one lazy day that it was too much trouble for me to walk to the corner newsstand to buy a paper. At that point I realized I had become a city dweller, or as my Long Island friends call us “cidiots”.

In the suburbs newspapers are delivered to your house by some mysterious person early in the morning that you never see or hear. If you don’t leave the house for the day, it will still be there, at the end of the driveway tomorrow. Ironically the walk from the house to the end of the driveway is roughly equivalent to the walk from my apartment to the corner newsstand.

The other thing we have to do here is take out the garbage to the street. In an apartment building you just take your garbage to the end of the hall and throw it down a chute. It just disappears.

It’s been like a rainforest here during April, and I had to get up early to make sure my garbage got to the end of the driveway before the pickup. It did, and I noticed the daily paper (which I haven’t bought in years – since I get my news on the Internet) laying on the driveway in a plastic bag.

This is a major life and mindset change. Newspapers delivered to the bottom of your driveway? Dragging garbage cans to and from the curb. These are notions and a reality I hadn’t thought of in over 36 years.

I decided to take a slow walk in the drizzle and look at the beautiful plantings that are going to explode into color in the days and weeks to come. This is something you can’t do in The City

This is a different Mindset. In the city we can go to the botanical gardens, pay money, deal with crowds and spend half a day at the least. I’ve never done that.

Enjoy the walk with me. It only took a few minutes, and this is just a part of the front yard.

2 thoughts on “Who’s the City Dweller?

  1. Your appreciation for suburbia is growing but the citiot in you hasn’t left. The top photo has two plants that are considered invasive. The English Ivy will spread and take over everything, killing trees in it’s wake. I spend every morning trying to rip out as much as I can. Those little purple flowers are another ground cover called Vinca. I forget the proper botanical name but I love them. The flowering trees and shrubs make the rain and the chill of winter worth the wait.


  2. Diane Caggiano May 1, 2020 — 11:01 am

    Looks beautiful and peaceful! Seems like the perfect place for you right now…..


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