The Commodore Doug Berman Memorial Sail

The weather isn’t looking great except for this Thursday.

Not every great sailor wants to race or pursue championships.

This coming Thursday I will be conducting a sail over to Fire Island in honor and memory of a dear friend of mine.

Doug Berman learned how to sail starting with frostbiting on my Hobie 18. We raced, sailed to, and walked the beaches of fire island decades ago. He sailed several TransPac’s and last fall took his family around the Virgin Islands on a large catamaran for the adventure of their lives. Ultimately he became The Commodore of the Union League Yacht Club of Philadelphia. Tragically he died suddenly of a heart attack this past January leaving a wife and two young children aged 4 and 7 and 20.

I and my friends and colleagues will be taking his wife and children to Fire Island on Thursday for lunch and a walk on the beach so they can see and experience their fathers ‘stomping grounds’.

Join us on “The Commodore Doug Berman Memorial Sail” this Thursday – when the thermal comes in we’ll be sailing out. All are welcome.

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1 thought on “The Commodore Doug Berman Memorial Sail

  1. What a nice memorial. I hope the weather holds out.

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