South Shore Racing

I just take the kids Sailing! 20200629

South Shore Racing

It’s been a while since I blogged. I even have more pandemic kitchen blogs in the background, but something more important came up.

I will be using this space to report, opine and blog about my experiences at South Shore Racing until I get the blog running for that space. After all, that’s what IKnowTheCow is really about. and yes, we eat while sailing!

The season started out with the spring pursuit race at Wetpants Sailing Association. I am the defending champion, but a grudge race has developed over the years. I did not successfully defend last years win this year, but I did win the grudge match. The Wetpants spring pursuit race was won by John Breuer and Dylan Williams on a Hobie 16. However we both beat the most recent past commodore and current commodore by about a leg after giving them an hour head start.

I had the great pleasure to sail with a well known local champion as my crew. We sailed together in many races when he was younger and inexperienced. He came back as colleague, a team mate and a friend and we were quickly working well together. We were greater than the sum of our parts. What a great time and what a great revelation!

This past Friday, SSR – South Shore Racing had it’s first real open day. How magnificent, here is what I wrote before I gave up on trying to learn new software to do the blog. It’s more important to trap the thoughts than to put them in the right place. so for now, this is the right place.

Friday What a spectacular day

the thermal came in gently at 11:15 at around 5 knots, we watched it gradually cross the bay and fill in after a few holes.
We took out the kids, melody, Tristan and Viggo first and double handed the foilers as the wind gradually built. While the pro’s waited on shore they decided to take out the quest and push it a little.

Lessons Learned.

The Dahli Lama says: “Understand the rules so you can break them properly.”

we have tried to be strict about getting the sail all the way to the top. the boat just doesn’t sail well (for the novice) if the sail isn’t all the way up. several things can make the sail not be all the way up during the session, HOWEVER, in our last chalk talk with dave the manufacturer they discovered the sail also works well – for different reasons if the sail is off the top of the mast by 4 inches
PROVIDED you honk down on the outhaul.

we ran a boat each way and sure enough.

we can now break that rule about the sail being all the way up the mast.
we can foil with two people on the boat.
like every boat has a groove, the foilers have TWO grooves. if you try to make them foil you’re defeating the purpose. if you just LET them foil
right into their groove, it’s much less work and much more fun.

As we teach the kids and moreso ourselves please do a quick review of the 4 topics below. When you’re done (it will probably take you half an hour), we’ll have a lot
to talk about over the summer (and for the rest of our lives) and you will have completed a full year of a psychologoly 101 college course. google is your friend.

BF Skinner

Piaget 4 stages of development

Kohlberg – 6 stages of moral development
Kohlberg is by far the most interesting. one can be in several stages concurrently about different things. Also (and this relates to the sail being at the top of the mast), you can’t skip a stage, one must progress in order. However you can regress.

Four Stages of competence.

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