Martins Pretzels: Meet the producer at Union Square Greenmarket NYC

It’s the first Saturday Morning in September. It’s 58 degrees and sunny, the season has definitely changed. In a flash it has become early fall. It’s off to the Union Square Greenmarket. Today’s mission is to meet Ethan Gallagher from Martin’s Pretzels.

I have a confession. Pretzels are my favorite snack. I have been known to fly to Bavaria for pretzels. I’ve been known to route flights through Munich Airport so i could get a pretzel. I’m a pretzel snob, and most pretzels are meh as they contain fake stuff. Pretzels are a food where the opportunity is great to make them real.

Bavarian Pretzels in Munich are Ubiquitous

30+ years ago I discovered Martin’s pretzels at a regular weekend flea market in a schoolyard on west 77th street on the upper west side of Manhattan. In those days it was a couple of blocks from my house. Martin’s Pretzels are all natural, have a wonderful toothy crunch, which reveals a flavorful almost nutty interior. They meet my 3 ingredient rule with just flour, yeast and salt. Hand rolled, then hand twisted. Today Ethan was going to be at the Union Square Greenmarket, which is great as I moved to the Village and it’s only several blocks from my house.

While doing research on my webpage I found some seemingly conflicting information about where the pretzels were baked and sent a letter to Ethan, who explained it to me and invited me to stop by his stand. I introduced myself and we shook hands. It turns out there are two bakeries, one in Pennsylvania and one in New York. They are run by different people but use the same raw materials and make the same pretzels. In short the two bakeries are all in the family. I explained to him that I just wanted to make sure I was giving my readers accurate information. It turns out that he has pretzels from both bakeries in his van. They need both bakeries in operation to keep up with the demand. It’s great to hear things like that about a real and quality product.

Hopefully, if I find myself near the bakery, i can stop by and get a tour and some great photo’s!

If you can’t get to the farmers market, you can find them in the Moo Market.

Indications of fall at the greenmarket.

I picked up some melons, veggies and it’s high season for tomato’s. Maybe next week i’ll try the Marcella Hazan Tomato sauce recipe with fresh tomatoes instead of canned San Marzano.

Can’t wait for next week!

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