Join us for fun. Experience the real New York City.

*The Kosciuszko Bridge – named for Thaddius Kosciuszko, the original undocumented immigrant, whose help was instrumental in winning the revolutionary war. This new bridge is a suitable monument to undocumented immigrants throughout the USA. The first new bridge in NYC in over 50 years and it’s gorgeous! The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway crosses Newtown Creek over the new Kosciusko bridge. The north/westbound span is in Queens, the south/eastbound span is in Brooklyn. Together they welcome the future and pay homage to the Brooklyn Bridge. DUKBO is the neighborhood beneath it.

Chelsea Market

  • Oreo Cookies were invented here.
  • It’s the orginal National Biscuit Company factory re-purposed.
  • Don’t Miss Bueno Italia in the basement.

Union Square Greenmarket

The High Line ParkNOT TO BE MISSED

The high line was an elevated railroad that ran down the west side of manhattan bringing in raw materials for industry and carrying away completed goods for sale. It was shut down decades ago and was inaccessible for decades. A natural ecosystem developed there. A few years ago someone went out of a window that overlooked the Highline and went for a walk and came up with the idea that it would make a great park. It is. it’s a must see and is conveniently and easily combined with a stop in the Chelsea Market.

Brooklyn hydroponic herb tour

Square Root – hyper local herbs from brooklyn.

Brooklyn Seltzer – let’s talk about seltzer – grandparents and gennedy in virginia beach.

NYC Pizza Tours

  • Lombardi’s
  • Sorbillo
  • Di Faro
  • Joe’s
  • Johns
  • NY Pizza Supreme
  • Prince Street Pizza

*The Tenement Museum – NOT TO BE MISSED

Crown Finish Caves Affinage

Rockefeller Park

water Taxi ride to Paulus hook

staten island ferry ride

ikea ferry ride


Bleecker Street Food Tour + Highline and Chelsea Market

Bleecker Street Food Tour + Highline and Chelsea Market.

  • tom otterness in central jersey.

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